Rebecca Street

Creative, Technical Consultant

RS offers consultancy and collaboration on your luxury products; identifying solutions to issues within the commercial areas of fit, construction and sizing, including bespoke & VIP fit through many years of direct experience. This is achieved through assessment and trouble-shooting current problems and by setting up new, efficient systems to move forward on a better footing.

Rebecca is an award holder with InnovateUK for her work in the field of new technology. Additionally, a dress which Rebecca collaborated on, made of reactive LEDs was worn on the Baftas red carpet by Donna Air and featured as best in Show the next morning on the Lorraine Show. Therefore, she offers advice and guidance on how to turn technology upside down to develop dynamic new creations for you.

Design engineering in luxury fashion.

“The work Rebecca did on Mulberry’s fits, blocks and grading…. directly impacted the growth of RTW sales.”

Frances Stringer, Former Head of RTW Design @ Mulberry

“Rebecca Street has been an invaluable asset for the growth of the SAFiYAA brand, helping us not only to standardise our sizing but also to support us on all aspects of fitting and finish.”

Daniela Karnuts, Founder @ Safiyaa

“Rebecca’s knowledge of bridal, techniques, fabrics and design is nothing less than encyclopedic and her taste level is exceptional.”

William Hendry, Former Head of Womenswear at Mary Katrantzou

“Add to this a great capacity to understand technical challenges and the vision to express the form factor of the wearable technology in the design and you get something quite rare.”

Dan Mellor, Creative Director @ Morever (former Senior Creative @ Seeper)

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